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Meet Sandra

The Herbalist - Dip PhytoTherapy, MURHP 

Our ancestors had such a beautiful philosophical way of understanding nature. Modern scientific methods aim to harness much of its detail, yet cannot improve on the gift that nature offers us.

Our logo is a Caduceus, the staff entwined by two snakes, one of light, one of dark; the sun and the earth, representing duality. The two unite to make the staff, nature comes from this divine union, representing a trinity for our existence.

In our work the three philosophical principles are the life force of the plant as the active principle, the solution of alcohol and water as the passive principle and the tincture is the combined result of this union.

When we are ill we focus on treating the ailments to make ourselves better. If we look to finding the root cause, not only treating ailments, we can prevent them from returning, helping to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I first started looking at herbal remedies many years ago when my young son had problems with his ears. Doctors would treat his condition, which would then return. When they suggested surgery as a next step, I decided to try alternatives and started doing my own research into remedies that might help.

Within a few weeks of making the necessary changes to his diet and taking the correct natural remedies, he was well enough not to need surgery. This lived experience inspired me to train as a clinical aromatherapist and this
soon prompted me to study Herbal Medicine. Formal training with the IRCH in Swansea qualified me to practice, setting up a clinic in Ulverston where I am able to carry out consultations and provide top quality herbal medicines and tinctures.

Taking a holistic approach to Herbalism means I can combine treatments to include Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki should there be need depending on these root causes.

I am lucky to live in the Lake District where I am inspired every day, growing our own herbs to make tinctures and therefore controlling the quality of the tinctures you receive.

During an initial consultation we explore past and present illnesses and lifestyle. There are many factors that can affect our health and having a clear picture will help me to prescribe the correct remedies and lifestyle changes that can return you to full vitality.

Consultations don’t have to be face to face, they can be via telephone or video calls such as Zoom.
Please contact me in the first instance for more information and don’t forget to check out my blog and shop while you’re here.

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