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Herbal Consultation

Note - You don’t have to be ill to consult a Herbal Practitioner. 


When we choose to live well as our main priority we are in a far better place to deal with any illness we may encounter. Our bodies have the resistance and the strength to defend us from harm. 


When you book a consultation, please expect to be with me for an hour at least for a full enquiry into your health picture.  I need to know what prescribed drugs you are taking, if any, to make sure herbs and drugs are compatible .


We will investigate all aspects of your health, taking lifestyle and coping strategies into account.  


This is the holistic approach and we want to treat the causes of disruption, not just the symptoms. 


Herbal Medicine comes in many forms, dried herbs, tinctures, capsules, infusions, creams, lotions and potions.  I like to prescribe tinctures that we make ourselves as we can guarantee quality and potency, growing our herbs in the beautiful Crake Valley in Cumbria.  


Your prescription will be individually tailored to you, taking into account any preferences you may have.

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