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Along with nettles the dandelion is one of the first edible plants to come up in the spring.


Vit. A, higher levels than lettuce and carrots, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, B Vits., and Vit. C..

Both traditionally used to cleanse the system and revitalize after the winter when fresh foods where in short supply.

It has a BITTER action which stimulates production of digestive juices, therefore clearing any congestion that may have built up. It will promote appetite, assist assimilation and reduce fermentation in the intestines.

As a general tonic to the whole of the body it is used in a wide variety of conditions.

It is a well balanced diuretic as it is rich in potassium – chemical diuretics tend to deplete potassium levels. Used in fluid retention regardless of cause but particularly suited to oedema of heart origin.

It will help dissolve gravel and stones in the urinary system, will also help with gallstones.

It clears deposits in the joints so is a useful anti-arthritic herb, helpful for gout too.

It stimulates bile flow so will support the liver in many disorders such as jaundice, haemorrhoids and constipation.

It purifies the blood and is used for skin and joint inflammations.


Dandelion 100ml

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