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A Natural Approach to Health

Updated: May 15, 2020

Bee on burdoch
Bee on burdock

The natural approach seeks to facilitate and promote the body’s own innate healing mechanisms. The body naturally works to reach a state of health and we can help that process by providing adequate nutrition, rest, exercise and physical and psychological therapies.

Naturopathy – the healing power of Nature – is the basis of all complementary medicine, and whether we choose herbs, massage or osteopathy we are encouraging the body to heal itself.

Herbs provide concentrated packages of nutrients naturally designed to feed and restore the body, with different herbs having an affinity for specific systems of the body. These nutrients help nudge the body back to a state of health that is right for the individual.

Therefore, it is vitally important that we know where our herbs come from and how they were grown, harvested and processed.

So many things affect the quality of the final product and We believe the Biodynamic method produces the highest quality food and medicines available today. Absolutely everything that could possibly affect the quality of the herbs is taken into account and depends mainly on the health of the soil. Herbal tonics are applied to the soil, compost and the plants to maximize nutritional content, producing herbs with vitality . I choose to use them in practice, wherever possible, to impart that vitality to the person working to improve their health. They are grown and minimally processed with great reverence and love.

Simply taking a remedy is not enough to bring about good health. We look at it as a journey, a learning process. What made us ill in the first place? What can we do to change that? What would support us and strengthen us rather than weaken our system?

Massage is given with love, Reiki is pure love. Love makes us feel better, we need to learn to love ourselves and appreciate our physical bodies. Losing contact with the natural world is a major cause of ill health in our society today. We are a part of Nature, we need to return to that and trust it to restore and rejuvenate our natural selves. Anything that can help us achieve this is a gift from Nature.

I leave you with a wonderful quote from Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Herbalist.

“Man can never excel Nature in medicine manufacture, for she makes the best ones. There is a herb or several herbs to cure or relieve every ailment of man and animal, bird and insect; and herbs applied in agriculture practice will even cure crops of their diseases.”

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